Ben Levin

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Ben Levin is a passionate and enthusiastic attorney from Nyack, NY (which yes, Sam Brumer, is New York). His favorite things to do in mock trial are deliver openings and play British expert witnesses. Oh, and using the 803 3 response to objections is a close third, now that he knows what it means. When he’s not in Albritton or PAC until the late hours of the night, you’ll find Ben grinding it out on the tennis court with club tennis team, jamming in the practice room on the keys, or focusing in Olin with a small hot chocolate in hand and a pretzel/hummus combo to his right. He also loves learning Tik Tok dances with his teammates- you’ll probably also find Ben renegading with Nell, or speaking the lyrics to “Say So” with Elodie. Fun fact: after delivering his first opening at a scrimmage, Ben threw the woah to co-counsel, Kathryn Campbell.