Fitzroy (Pablo) Wickham

Fitzroy Wickham, AKA Pablo, is a neuroscience and theatre major. Pablo is from Jamaica (where Mock Trial is non-existent) and last year was his first time dabbling with it. Now a convert, he is looking to sharpen his skills in the art. When Pablo isn’t doing Mock, you can find him singing aloud in the wrong key, watching music videos, napping or playing fusball in his dorm. He is a friendly guy and so are his other personalities.

All Region Witness (Δ), Buffalo ORCS 2018
All Nation Witness, Lancaster ORCS 2018
All Nation Witness (Δ & 𝜋), Chestnut Hill ORCS 2019
All American Witness (Δ), NCT 2019

2018: Wesleyan A (Team 1525)
2019: Wesleyan A (Team 1540)
2018: Wesleyan A (Team 1525)