Invitationals Season 2018

Yale Invitational (December 1-2)

Wesleyan sent a mostly stacked A team, and a mostly stacked B/C combination team to compete at the Yale Invitational. Wesleyan’s A team placed 6th in the Show Business Division with 5.5 ballots, a satisfying end to a historic fall season for WesMock!

Scarlet Knight (November 17-18)


Teams Muoio and Hammitt both competed at the Scarlet Knight Invitational at Rutgers University. Team Hammitt won first place, going 7-1-0 with a CS of 19! Team Muoio also had a very strong showing, going 4-3-1. Heather Pincus won an award for her outstanding performance as a double sided attorney for Team Hammitt (17 ranks plaintiff, 17 ranks defense) and Virginia Sciolino won an award for her outstanding performance as a plaintiff attorney for Team Muoio (20 ranks).

Black Squirrel (November 10-11)


Split-stacked Team Lieb rounded out their season as a team at arguably the most competitive invitational of the fall semester, hosted by Haverford College Mock Trial in Philadelphia, PA. Team Lieb came away with 3 ballots and tied for the highest CS in the tournament (CS 20). Team Lieb dropped ballots against top-tier teams by extremely small margins, and everyone learned a lot from competing in the Nationals courthouse against some of the best teams in the country. Full results here.

Mumbo Jumbo (Nov 3-4)


Split-stacked Team Hammitt competed at Mumbo Jumbo, where they won the Spirit of Mumbo (SpMumbo, if you will). Heather Pincus won an award for her outstanding performance as a double-sided attorney (19 ranks plaintiff, 19 ranks defense). New members Elodie Frey, Phoebe Nance, and Kathryn Campbell did a phenomenal job at their first college mock trial competition ever! Full results here.

New England Classic (October 27-28)


WesMock kicked off the unstacked portion of our season by sending two split stacked teams, Team Muoio and Team Lieb, to the first annual New England Classic hosted by the University of Connecticut. There, Team Lieb came in third with a 6-2-0 record, and Team Muoio came in second with a 7-1-0 record. Ethan Addis won an award for his outstanding performance as a plaintiff attorney and Nell Buechler each won an award for her outstanding performance as a defense attorney. Full results here.