Nell Buechler

Nell is a College of Letters and History double major at Wesleyan University. She’s been competing with the mock trial team since her freshman year, first as a character witness, then as the defendant, then as a detective, then as an expert, and finally as an attorney. Having done nearly everything there is to do in mock trial, she is so excited to join the team for one last year. After college, she is considering teaching history, pursuing legal client advocacy, or moving to LA to try and become a comedy writer.

Outstanding Attorney (𝜋), 2017 Hooter Invitational
Outstanding Witness (Δ), 2017 Hooter Invitational
Outstanding Attorney (Δ), 2018 New England Classic
Outstanding Attorney (Δ), 2019 Mumbo Jumbo Invitational
Outstanding Attorney (𝜋), 2020 Columbia University Big Apple Invitational Tournament (CUBAIT)
All Nation Attorney (Δ), 2020 Lancaster ORCS


2017: Team 1630
2018: Wesleyan A (Team 1525)
2019: Wesleyan A & B (Team 1541 & 1540)
2020: Wesleyan A (Team 1449)