Shlok Sharma


ShlokGroupMe - Shlok Sharma

Shlok was born a child,

But through the passage of time,

He’s now a big kid. Before finding Wes,

Shlok never knew of mock trial,

But he has changed that. Though he studies COMP,

Shlok – this format is so difficult to communicate anything useful, and it’s a wonder anyone writes poetry at all. Shlok is a freshman aspiring to major in Computer Science, and joined Mock Trial when he, and all the improv groups on campus, made a mutual decision that they just weren’t right for each other. As part of Wes Mock, Shlok is a frequent opening attorney (which he loves, because it’s basically monologuing), and he hopes to also become a character witness (because, come on, it just seems so fun). Outside of Mock, Shlok likes to play his guitar, fiddle around with acting, watch Netflix, and write gibberish into his iPhone. After college, he has no plans.