Team 1540 (Wesleyan A)

Philadelphia National Championship Tournament

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Wesleyan won eighth place in the Temple Law division at nationals with a record of 9-7. Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham took home an All American award for his performance as a defense character witness.

ORCS 2019 roster (pictured above, left to right): Back row – Sam Brumer, Nell Buechler, Phoebe Nance, Kathryn Campbell
Front row – Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham, Samantha Lao, Captains Heather Pincus & Virginia Sciolino

Chestnut Hill ORCS


A week after Team 1541 earned the program’s first bid at Central Islip, Team 1540 earned another program bid to the National Championship Tournament with a 5-3-1 record and a CS of 17.5! Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham won a double-sided All Nation witness award, with 18 ranks on plaintiff and 17 ranks on defense — his second consecutive All Nation witness award. Full results here.

ORCS 2019 roster (pictured above, left to right): Back row – Kathryn Machanic, Sam Brumer, Jillian Pincus, Lincoln Alkind, Coach Nathaniel Warner
Front row – Captains Virginia Sciolino and Heather Pincus, Samantha Lao, Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham

New Rochelle Regionals


Team 1540 earned Wesleyan’s first ORCS bid of 2019 at the New Rochelle regionals, going 5-3-0 with a CS of 17! Heather Pincus won an award for her outstanding performance as a defense attorney (19 ranks). Full results here.

Regionals 2019 Roster (pictured above, left to right): Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham, Sam Brumer, Virginia Sciolino, Captains Heather Pincus and Ethan Addis, Lincoln Alkind, Samantha Lao