Team 1541 (Wesleyan B)

Central Islip ORCS


Team 1541 made history in Central Islip by earning a bid to the National Championship Series. They are the first Wesleyan B team to ever qualify for Nationals, and they are they are the first Wesleyan team to ever win their ORCS! 1541 came in 1st place with a record of 7-1-0 and a CS of 15.5, and they won the Spirit of AMTA award! Kathryn Campbell won an All Nation attorney award for her outstanding performance on the plaintiff side of the case (18 ranks). Full results here.

ORCS 2019 Roster (pictured above): Nika Litt, Drew Kushnir, Phoebe Nance, Elodie Frey, Jonah Skolnik, Nia Eddy-Pina, Captains Nell Buechler and Kathryn Campbell

Owings Mills RegionalsqmZFB5YATc+6yv8MUxOP7w.jpgTeam 1541 came in third place in Owings Mills with a 7-1-0 record and earned a bid to the Opening Round Championship Series in Central Islip! Phoebe Nance won a double sided All Region witness award for her outstanding performance on both sides of the case, with 17 ranks on the plaintiff and 16 ranks on the defense. Full results here.

Regionals 2019 Roster (pictured above, left to right): Back row – Phoebe Nance, Jillian Pincus, Akaash Waghmode, Elodie Frey, Kathryn Campbell
Front row – Captains Nell Buechler and Nika Litt