Team 1542 (Wesleyan C)

Owings Mills Regionals

c team trophy.jpg

Team 1542 placed 6th at the Owings Mills Regionals, with a 6-2-0 record! This is the second consecutive year that Wesleyan’s C team has earned a bid to the Open Round Championship Series. 1542 also won the Spirit of AMTA Award! Nia Eddy-Pina and Kathryn Machanic BOTH won All Region Witness awards for their outstanding performance on the defense side of the case (16 and 17 ranks respectively). Full results here.

1542 Regionals Roster (left to right, pictured above): Captain Nia Eddy-Pina, Drew Kushnir, Jonah Skolnik, Kathryn Machanic, Jacob Barabas, Lucine Poturyan, and Captain Alexandra Prendergast