About Us

Wesleyan Mock Trial, founded in 2008, is a student-led team from Middletown, CT.

We currently field three teams that compete across the country, from Buffalo, NY to Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles, CA. Our members come from all over the world and have different majors & career plans.

Although many of our past members now attend law schools, we are not solely a pre-law club. Other alumni have gone onto work in fields including education, television, and data analytics.

Our Values

WesMock is committed to fostering a space of intellectual curiosity where students are able to experiment with creative styles of acting, writing, and argumentation.

We try to emphasize team success over individual achievement, in order to create an environment where members of all backgrounds, identities, and experiences can respect and support one another.

Starting in Fall 2020, our Board agreed to create programming that can also be accessible to students outside of WesMock.