Spring 2019 Season

The Spring season started out with A and B teams competing at Quinnipiac Law School’s Bobcat Invitational, January 26-27. A team was undefeated with a record of 8-0-0 and placed first with a whopping +151 point differential, and the B team placed third with a 5-1-2 record. On the A team, Sam Brumer won an Outstanding Witness award with 18 ranks and Heather Pincus won a double-sided attorney award with 18 ranks on the prosecution and 20 ranks on the defense side.

In our most successful program year yet, all three teams qualified for ORCS and Wes A won 8th place in our division at Nationals!
Wesleyan B at Bobcat. Back row, left to right: Kathryn Campbell, Elodie Frey, Nell Buechler, and Jillian Pincus. Front row: Nika Litt, Phoebe Nance, and Akaash Waghmode.
Wesleyan A at Bobcat. Back row: Sam Brumer, Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham, Lincoln Alkind, Samantha Lao. Front row: Ethan Addis, Heather Pincus, and Virginia Sciolino.

At the New Rochelle Regionals, Wesleyan A (Team 1540) earned Wesleyan’s first bid to ORCS with a record of 5-3-0 and a Competitor’s Score of 17! Heather Pincus won an Outstanding Attorney award with 19 ranks (Δ). Full results here.

Regionals 2019 Roster (pictured above, left to right): Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham, Sam Brumer, Virginia Sciolino, Captains Heather Pincus and Ethan Addis, Lincoln Alkind, Samantha Lao

At the Owings Mill Regionals, Wesleyan B (Team 1541) came in third place with a 7-1-0 record. Phoebe Nance won a double sided witness award, with 17 plaintiff and 16 defense ranks. Full results here.

At the same Regionals, the C team (1542) placed sixth with a 6-2-0 record, meaning that all 3 Wesleyan teams qualified to ORCS for the second year in a row! Nia Eddy-Pia and Kathryn Machanic each won Outstanding Attorney awards for their defense performances, with 16 and 17 ranks respectively. Most importantly, the C team won Spirit of AMTA at Regionals!

Wesleyan’s C team at Regionals. Left to right: Nia Eddy-Pia, Drew Kushnir, Jonah Skolnik, Kathryn Machanic, Jacob Barabas, Lucine Poturyan, and Alexandra Prendergast.
Wesleyan B at regionals. Pictured from left to right: Phoebe Nance, Jillian Pincus, Akaash Waghmode, Elodie Frey, and Kathryn Campbell. Front row: Team captains, Nell Buechler and Nika Litt.

Wesleyan B won the team’s first bid to Nationals, winning both first place and the Spirit of AMTA Award at the Central Islip ORCS. They finished with a 7-1-0 record and a Competitor’s score of 15.5. Kathryn Campbell earned an 18 rank All-Nation attorney award on the plaintiff. Full results here.

One week later, Wesleyan A (team 1541) earned our team’s second bid to nationals with a 5-3-1 record and Competitor’s Score of 17.5 at the Chestnut Hill ORCS. Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham earned a double-sided All-Nation witness award with 18 ranks on the plaintiff and 17 on the defense – his second consecutive All-Nation witness award. Full results here.

The A team roster at ORCS: Back row, left to right: Kathryn Machanic, Sam Brumer, Jillian Pincus, Lincoln Alkind, Nathaniel Warner (Coach). Front row: Team captains, Virginia Sciolino & Heather Pincus, Sam Lao, and Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham.

Wesleyan’s program closed out the semester by competing at the Philadelphia National Championship Tournament. Wesleyan A won eighth place in the Temple Law division at nationals with a record of 9-7. Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham took home an All American Award for his performance as a defense character witness. With the B team, Kathryn Machanic became an All American witness for her portrayal of the defendant.

A and B teams at Nationals! From left to right, Kathryn Machanic, Phoebe Nance, Elodie Frey, Kathryn Campbell, Jacob Barabas, Andrew Kushnir, Akaash Waghmode, Sam Brumer, and B team captains, Jillian Pincus & Lincoln Alkind. Middle row: Fitzroy “Pablo Wickham, Jonah Skolnik, Sam Lao, Nia Eddy-Pia, Nell Buechler, & Coaches: Erica Arensman & Nathaniel Warner. Front row: Heather Pincus and Virginia Sciolino.
Wesleyan A at Nationals. Back row, left to right: Sam Brumer, Nell Buechler, Phoebe Nance, Kathryn Campbell. Front row, Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham, Samantha Lao, and captains Heather Pincus & Virginia Sciolino.

Spring 2019 Executive Board:

Nell Buechler
Heather Pincus
Jillian Pincus
Virginia Sciolino

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