Fall 2021 Season

Wesleyan’s Fall 2021 Season brought back in person trials! WesMock welcomed ten new members to the team! Three fall teams travelled to in-person tournaments during the Fall 2021 season, teams “I Saw A Possum,” “Mercedes Bentley,” and “One Johnson Levin.” Wesleyan’s first teams to attend a tournament were teams “I Saw A Possum” and “MercedesContinue reading “Fall 2021 Season”

Spring 2021 Season

Wesleyan’s Spring 2021 season was a record showing! Wesleyan’s team C1 competed in the second weekend of regional tournaments, at the 2-B regionals hosted by Penn State University. They ended with a great record of 3-4-1, narrowly missing out on earning Wesleyan a bid for ORCs, but setting a high bar for the three teamsContinue reading “Spring 2021 Season”

Fall 2020 Season

At the start of the fall 2020 season, WesMock welcomed eight new freshmen from the class of 2024 to its ranks. Three split-stacked teams competed in the new and unfamiliar environment of virtual mock trial: Team One, “Lightning McFish (Doofenfish Evil, Inc.),” Team Two, “Team Duck,” and Team Three, “Neam Nhree.” Team One, “Lightning McFish,”Continue reading “Fall 2020 Season”