Fall 2017 Season

On October 14-15, 2017, Wesleyan sent a team of all new members to compete at the Guardian Invitational hosted by the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. Wesleyan finished in first place with an undefeated record of 8-0-0. Ethan Addis and Virginia Sciolino earned Outstanding Attorney awards for their performance on the defense, while Zenzele price earned hers for outstanding performance as a prosecution attorney. Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham (Δ), Aditi Mahesh (Δ), and Nika Litt (𝜋) won Outstanding Witness awards. On the bye-bust team, Tess Vartanian won an Outstanding Attorney award (Δ) and Joshua Ng won an Outstanding Attorney award (Δ). Full results here.

Our team at the Guardian Invitational. Back row: Nika Litt, Jacob Barabas, Isabella Morais, Aditi Mahesh, Tess Vartanian, Lucine Poturyan, William Dempsey. Middle row: William Mahoney, Virginia Sciolino, Jonah Skolnik, Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham, Josh Ng, Heather Pincus, Nell Buechler. Front row: Zenzele Price & Rebecca Elsner.

At the Hooter Invitational, November 11-12, in Washington, DC, Wesleyan Mock Trial came in second place with a 6-2-0 record. Nell Buechler won Outstanding Attorney (𝜋) and Outstanding Witness (Δ)awards. William Dempsey(𝜋) award and Tess Vartanian (Δ) earned Outstanding Attorney awards.

Back row, left to right: Aditi Mahesh, Tess Vartanian, Nell Buechler, Joshua Ng, William Dempsey, Lucine Poturyan, and Jonah Skolnik. Front row: Nia Eddy-Pia, Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham, and Jacob Barabas.

From November 11-12, Wesleyan competed at the Great American Mock Trial Invitational in Washington, DC. We enjoyed a competitive field and had a successful showing. Zenzele Price (𝜋) and Heather Pincus (Δ) each earned an Outstanding Attorney Award. Full results here.

At GAMTI. Back row, left to right: Ethan Addis, Eugene Smith, Tobias Wertime, Rebecca Elsner, and Heather Pincus. Front row: Zenzele Price, Virginia Sciolino, and Chelsea Cantos.

Wesleyan sent two teams to the Yale Invitational. In the A division, Zenzele Price (𝜋) and Heather Pincus (Δ) won Outstanding Attorney awards. In the B division, Tobias Wertime (Δ) won an Outstanding Attorney award. Full results here and here.

Fall 2017 Executive Board:

Rebecca Elsner
Joshua Ng
Heather Pincus
Zenzele Price

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