Spring 2018 Season

On January 27-28, Wesleyan sent a split-stacked team (a combination of the A and B teams) to compete as Wesleyan B at the Bobcat Invitational, hosted by Quinnipiac University. Heather Pincus won an Outstanding Attorney award (Δ).

Wesleyan at Quinnipiac. Left to right: Heather Pincus, Nell Buechler, Joshua Ng, Tess Vartanian, William Dempsey, William Mahoney, Virginia Sciolino, and Ethan Addis.

Team 1527 became the first C team in Wesleyan Mock Trial’s history to earn a bid to the Opening Round Championship Series, placing fourth at the Princeton Regionals with a record of 6-2-0. Although AMTA’s rules only allow for two teams from each school to compete at ORCS, 1527 demonstrated its dedication to the team and activity by working hard to earn their trophy regardless. Wesleyan C was made up almost entirely of new members and was coached by Wesleyan Mock Trial alumnus, Nathaniel Warner, ’17. Full results here.

Wesleyan’s C team at Regionals. Pictured, from left to right: Lucine Poturyan, Nia Eddy-Pina, Aditi Mahesh, Alexandra Prendergast, Nathaniel Warner, Nika Litt, Jacob Barabas, Matthew Renetzky, and Jonah Skolnik.

Wesleyan A (Team 1525) won first place with an undefeated 8-0-0 record at Buffalo Regionals. Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham won an All Region witness award (Δ) and Heather Pincus won an All-Region award for both the prosecution and defense. Wesleyan B (1526) came in fifth place with a record of 6-2-0, earning a bid to the Lancaster ORCs. Joshua Ng won an All Region attorney award with a perfect 20 ranks (Δ). Full results here.

Wesleyan A team at the Buffalo Regionals. Pictured, from left to right: Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham, Heather Pincus, Zenzele Price, Rebecca Elsner, Virginia Sciolino, Nell Buechler, and Ethan Addis.
Wesleyan’s B team at Regionals. From left to right: William Mahoney, Tobias Wertime, Tess Vartanian, Joshua Ng, Eugene Smith, and William Dempsey.

Wesleyan’s competitive season ended at the Lancaster Opening Round Championship Series, where Wesleyan A enjoyed competitive rounds against three teams that would qualify for Nationals. The team finished with a record of 3-4-1 and a Competitor’s Score of 20.5, the second highest at the tournament. Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham won an All Nation award (𝜋).

After suffering the last minute drop of a double-sided attorney, the B team pulled together last minute role assignments to compete at Lancaster. They were awarded the Spirit of AMTA award for exemplifying the American Mock Trial Association’s values of justice, civility, and fair play. Full results here.

Wesleyan’s A team at ORCS. Back row, from left to right: Joshua Ng, Nell Buechler, and Ethan Addis. Front row: Heather Pincus, Zenzele Price, Fitzroy “Pablo” Wickham, and Virginia Sciolino.
Wesleyan B at ORCS. From left to right: Tobias Wertime, William Mahoney, Tess Vartanian, Alexandra Prendergast, William Dempsey, and Nika Litt.

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