Fall 2020 Season

At the start of the fall 2020 season, WesMock welcomed eight new freshmen from the class of 2024 to its ranks. Three split-stacked teams competed in the new and unfamiliar environment of virtual mock trial: Team One, “Lightning McFish (Doofenfish Evil, Inc.),” Team Two, “Team Duck,” and Team Three, “Neam Nhree.”

Team One, “Lightning McFish,” started off Wesleyan’s online invitational season early in October, competing at Penn State’s Happy Valley Tournament with a record of 4-3-1. Virginia Sciolino received awards as both an attorney and a witness. Their second tournament began on Halloween at the University of Georgia’s annual Classic City Invitational. Team One tied for first place with a sensational record of 7-1-0, placing second after tiebreakers!

Team 1 after the UGA Invitational. Back row, from left to right: Lincoln Alkind, Anushka Somani, Margaret Melcher, Ben Levin, Julia Kulchytska. Front row: Virginia Sciolino, Drew Kushnir, Elodie Frey

Team Two, “Team Duck,” had their first tournament towards the end of October, the Colonial Classic hosted by The College of William and Mary. They finished with a record of 2-4-2, and an attorney award for Jillian Pincus. Their second tournament, Yale’s annual invitational in the middle of November, ended with a stunning record of 7-1-0, and Team Two placing first in their division! Kathryn Campbell received an attorney award, and Ryan Jokelson received awards as both an attorney and a witness.

Team 2, joined by Team 3, after the Yale Invitational. From left to right: Jillian Pincus, Piper Supplee, Alex Seys, Nia Eddy-Pina, Kathryn Campbell, Nicole Motherway, Leila Mujic, Ben Levin, Ryan Jokelson, Kathryn Campbell.

Team Three, “Neam Nhree,” began their fall season in the middle of October at the Scarlet and Gray Invitational, hosted by Ohio State University. They finished with an outstanding record of 7-1-0, and a first place finish! Alicia Paglia received an attorney award. Team Three joined Team Two at Yale’s invitational (in the other division), ending with a record of 5-3-0, placing 5th in their division.

Team Three after the Scarlet and Gray Invitational. Top row, from left to right: Nat Warner & Erica Arensman (coaches), Leila Mujic, Alicia Paglia, Nell Buechler (coach). Middle row: Sam Brumer, Alex Seys, Nika Litt, Nicole Motherway. Bottom row: Nia Eddy-Pina, Chris Yang.

Wesleyan’s Fall 2020 season was an amazing show of force from all three teams, with each team winning one of their respective tournaments! Each team was split-stacked, meaning they were made up of a combination of experienced returners and new members.

Fall 2020 Executive Board:

Sam Brumer
Ben Levin
Jillian Pincus
Virginia Sciolino

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